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A Southern Gothic Horror Saga


Against the backdrop of early 20th century New Orleans, A Pale Shade of Winter recounts the story of two families forever woven together in a web of lies, betrayal, and the most forbidden of sins.


"Is that how you saved me, Albert?"

"Yes," he whispered.



"Riveting, poignant, heart-breaking. I couldn't put it down."

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In the Fall of 1913, a young bride was murdered and in the rush of her death, vengeance thrived

Redwood: Book One in the Redwood Trilogy


What is the secret behind Redwood Manor Vineyard’s decay? Is the ghost of her murdered maiden the cause? What secrets are hidden within the mysterious turret room? James MacKenna thought the death of his young wife Autumn would be the answer to all his problems, but what he didn’t expect was the wrath her soul would unleash upon him, the vineyard, and the next generation of MacKennas.

Is it possible for the dead to move heaven and earth? Do ghosts really exist?


What Readers are Saying

"Speaking of the characters, each are complex and interesting in their own rights and they are just all around great to follow. I was hooked as soon as I really got into the grit of the story and what was happening in the narrative. The descriptions are great, the mood and tone are well done, just a great book. If you want something slow, paranormal and a bit more character driven, give this a read."




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The Dead will Awaken

Reclamare: Book Two in the Redwood Trilogy


Some say Redwood Manor was, “Alive with the Dead.” Redwood’s soil was cursed and poisoned by the wrathful fury of its murdered maiden–Autumn Isabella MacKenna. Some say the peace, enjoyed by Redwood Manor’s inhabitants for the past few years, was only an illusion.


Dara had learned to ignore the continued whispered rumors wafting through Miarwood. He was convinced Autumn had crossed over into the light. Redwood’s emergence from the dark shroud that once enveloped it was his proof.

All was quiet and peaceful, or so it seemed.

Has the arrival of innocence aroused the dead?